25th Reunion Update

Registration is scheduled to open in November and will be announced with an all-class email and Facebook post. The earliest opportunity to request campus housing will be at registration and it will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Announcing the Theme for Our 25th Reunion


A huge locomotive for our Reunions committee volunteers for all the work they've already done! More information with a new and/or improved class page for details will be announced when it's available.

Princeton Class of 1992

Dear Classmates:

Now that the dust has settled from this year's reunions, we, as a class, are now turning our attention to our 25th reunion. The 25th reunion is "the Grand-Daddy” of them all — we will likely have our largest reunions turnout, will receive our coveted 25th reunion blazers, and traditionally, will have our largest showing for Annual Giving. The University makes this event very special for us by supporting several off campus pre-reunion events leading up to 2017.

Any classmates interested in getting involved with Annual Giving or our 25th Reunion, should reach out to the classmates listed below. It is important to build our teams early. I personally would like to make community service projects annual for the Class of 1992. If you work for or with a community service organization that you would like the Class of 1992 to support, please contact me.

Best regards,

Amanda Samuel
Class of 1992

Our Class Survey Results

It’s not just for Reunions anymore …

Results of our 20th Reunion Class Survey

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What’s New

President’s Corner
by Amanda Samuel

Dear Class of 1992:

Your Class Officers have been looking for ways to make sure that we continue to stay connected with our classmates, and help you stay connected with each other. Knowing that we all have busy lives, we have adopted two social networking options, which many of you already use: Facebook and LinkedIn. more »

Class Officers

President: Amanda Samuel

Co-Vice Presidents: Julie Wingerter and Archana Pradhan

Secretary: Sandy York

Treasurer: Jonathan Savar

Class Technology Chair/Webmaster: Paul Wampler

Community Service Chair: Thandi Onami

25th Reunion Co-Chairs: Julianna Edwards and Duncan Van Dusen

Annual Giving Class Agents: Matt Tarkenton and Janine PIsani McGuire (Participations); Chris Olofson (Special Gifts)

Thanks to each of these individuals for agreeing to serve our class.

P92 Swag

Finally, you can replace the P92 sweatshirt slowly disintegrating in the back of your closet with a brand new one! The Class of 1992 has put together an online store at one of the top print-on-demand houses with sweatshirts, hoodies and other class gear including P92 t-shirts, baseball jerseys, halter tops, hats, and mugs. The store also includes custom-designed kids and baby wear including P25 through P31 onesies, Ts and sweats, "My First Reunions” gear, "Tiny Tiger” gear and more! Great for your kids or spectacular baby gifts. Check it out!



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